Capital Credit FAQ's

What if I disconnect service?

Capital credits that were allocated during the time you were a member will be retired (returned) to you as they are approved for distribution even if you are not an active member. So be sure to update Peoples with mailing address and contact information.

Allocations and Retirements

Allocations are the amount that will be due to you at a later time based on your patronage. When the Board of Directors approves a retirement of capital credits, they will determine the fiscal year(s) and portion to distribute.

What are capital credits/where did this money come from?

As a cooperative, we are owned by our members. Your capital credits are your amount of patronage capital which is the margin or profit left over each fiscal year after Peoples pays all its expenses. This is allocated in proportion to your billings.

Am I a member?

Cooperative members are subscribers within the Peoples Telephone Coop footprint. Subscribers within the ‘gray’ areas would qualify for membership.

Cooperative boundary map