WiFi Home Networking

Because life doesn’t happen at the modem

black man in kitchen cooking with his young daughter looking up recipe on laptopWi-Fi Home Networking extends your wireless connection far beyond the modem. Let your kiddos stream cartoons in their bedroom, stream music on your back porch or catch up on your shows while soaking in the tub.

Wi-Fi in every corner of your home.

Wi-Fi Home Networking

$9.99 per Month
  • Basic Package: One time setup fee $75, includes 2 access points.
  • Additional Access Point(s): One time setup fee $25, and $2.99 per month per device
Wi-Fi home networking device

Mesh System

Mesh directs traffic over the best path available allowing your Wi-Fi devices to connect to the closest access points at maximum capability.

Extended Coverage

Devices stay connected constantly even when moving throughout the home. No need for you to manually switch to a different network.

Transparent Network

User app allows you to see how your network is performing. Remote management is also available for technical support staff.

Band Steering

Improves wireless performance by switching devices to the optimum band (2.4G/5G), keeping older devices from “clogging” your network flow.

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