emPower Syncable

Your home - controlled - at the touch of a button.

Control your home’s smart devices anywhere, anytime. Fight over the thermostat - from the couch.

Remote Arm/Disarm

Forgot to set the alarm? Not a problem. Arm your system from anywhere. Also, enjoy the convenience of disarming your system for those surprise visitors who beat you home. Don’t leave your folks waiting on the curb.


Stay connected. Receive text and email notifications with any activity at your home.

Kids home from school - notified.

Motion detector goes off - notified.

Who ate the cake - we’ll never tell.

Wireless Backup

Wireless backup offers one more layer to your security system. If phone lines are down, or cut, you are still protected.

24/7 Local Monitoring

Neighbors looking out for neighbors. Your alarm is not monitored halfway across the country. Peoples is your 24/7 monitoring station. Rest easy knowing that we are keeping an eye on things.