Heating Up

Arc Force Manufacturing continues to grow

Story by Lisa Savage

Moffett family standing in front of Arc Force sign outsideDustin Moffett grew up around the manufacturing industry as his father managed a large-scale facility that produced a variety of metal components.

As Dustin chose a career path he got his peace officer’s license and was hired at the Wood County Sheriff’s Office where he later became an investigator.

In 2016, the business his father man-aged sold, and Dustin saw this development as a good opportunity to combine forces and open a fabrication business with his father, Travis Moffett. Dustin and his wife, Alayna, were 25 and 22, respectively, at the time, and they sold their property and invested in the new business.

They first opened Arc Force Manufacturing in Golden, Texas, and ran production through a small shop in Travis’ backyard. In 2019, the company moved to a new location on McAllister Street in Quitman and in 2021 purchased land with plans to expand. Now, the company has moved to a new location on McAllister Street and has purchased adjoining land to grow even more. “It was difficult the first few years, but now we’re so thankful we made the move, “Dustin says. “It’s been exciting.”

Family Business

Arc Force is family owned and operated, with over 25 years in the metal fabrication business. It provides services to companies and individuals in East Texas and throughout the United States.

Arc Force offers fabrication of a wide range of metal parts, mostly for the trailer and automotive industries, along with other specialized parts. “It takes all the parts combined for the finished product,” Dustin says. “Without the parts, there is no product.”

man weldingArc Force provides metal forming, welding and cutting. “We have an array of machinery which allows us to complete most tasks from start to finish locally at our facility. That advantage enables us to cut cost and lead time, which, in return, is a benefit to our customers,” he says. “We place a high emphasis on the quality of our product as well as the satisfaction of our customers.”

Much of the process is similar to how it’s been done for years, but technology has made the precision cutting much easier. “We can cut everything from parts to art,” Dustin says.

Arc Force uses a 40,000-pound press brake, band saw, shear and large plasma cutting tables for fabrication of their products. New customers often come to the company with a part made out of metal they would like replicated, and Arc Force has the machinery and tools to re-create it. While much of the process is the same, the technology makes precision cutting much easier and even more precise.

A computer numerical controlled table, referred to as CNC in the industry, pro-duces a wide range of parts. Computer-aided design results in plans for parts, and specifications for the cutting go into the CNC for the most precise cuts possible. “It reads it similar to GPS coordinates,” Dustin says.

The company employs a staff of seven, including welders and fabrication specialists. “We supply all the equipment and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job, no matter how big or small it may be,” Dustin says. “Our dedicated staff invests the time and energy necessary to be prepared for any unique modifications or repairs.”

Preparing for the Future

A Work Force Solutions of East Texas virtual job fair recently featured Arc Force Manufacturing. The organization promotes no-cost recruitment and employment services to businesses

and job seekers in the East Texas area. Businesses like Arc Force Manufacturing depend on those employees looking to get into the manufacturing field.

Dustin says many of the employees Arc Force is looking for come from a technical school or a high school ag mechanics program. Arc Force also offers on-the-job training programs. Skills like welding are required for the job, as well as reading blueprints or drawings for product specifications.

There is no substitute for hands-on learning.

— Dustin Moffett

Arc Force continues to promote the hiring of a local workforce and increasing the manufacturing field locally. “We’re always going to have a need for manufacturing,” Dustin says. Travis is the current production manager of the shop, and he plays a big role at Arc Force. Dustin oversees the day-to-day business operations and works on expanding Arc Force’s future developments. With Travis’ vast knowledge and years of experience alongside Dustin’s business skill set, they have created a successful company. Owners Dustin and Alayna are excited to see the future of Arc Force and how they can continue to provide quality products as they grow. “Integrity, innovation and commitment are the core values that Arc Force Manufacturing holds true to,” Dustin says. “The background and journey getting to where we are today is some-thing we hope gives inspiration to other motivated individuals.”