True Value Happy with Peoples

Quitman True Value makes the switch to Peoples

Saves money and time with a more reliable network.

 The Quitman TrueValue Team

Quitman True Value recently became a Peoples customer and couldn't be happier.

Jordan Davis, account manager at Peoples, called on Quitman True Value to discuss the Peoples business solutions. After hearing Scott Dunson's, store manager, current network and internet woes, Jordan realized that not only could Peoples offer a reliable solution, but it would be more affordable than their current offering.

They have now made the switch and you can hear how happy Scott is with the decision to go with Peoples in the interview below. For the team at True Value, having a reliable network is crucial to serving their customers. Their previous provider would go offline often. Scott joking explained how he would stand by the equipment to radio his employees when the lights went green indicating they were back online. And a portion of the cost savings was reinvested into the employee incentive program. Truly a win-win for the True Value team.

And if you haven't stopped by your local True Value, you should! They are not just hardware, they are your hardware, RV supply, candle shop and dog toy provider just to name a few things they offer.



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